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Hey Sassi why don't you call Dixie from VTG and ask her if you can still join VTG Hosted Singles eventhough you have already bought your ticket. Her mother recently died so she may let you join us by doing what is called a "Cross reference" from regular cruiser to Hosted Singles. I think you can only do that if you bought your cruise tickets from VTG. GIVE IT A TRY!!!
I am sure you and your mom will enjoy having dinner with us women and she can enjoy the company of the older gals like me. I usually hang out with the women as buddies. There are always singles who have recently lost a loved one. I know you and your mom are still mourning your loss. I am really sorry for your loss. I am sure your father wants you to go on with your life. Your mom will be crying on the ship because that is natural because she and you had a major loss. When my son died 9yrs ago I still moved on with my life. I have met several women on cruise ships who were invited to cruise when they lost their husbands. Eventhough they were enjoying the cruise they still cried for their loss. It is very normal to cry when you lose a loved one. I cried for my son everywhere I went but I still went on with my life.

Hosted Singles is about us singles just hanging out together. You and your mom can be part of the group by hanging out with us single women.
You don't need to talk with the men if you don't want to do that.
I am not looking for a man.... I am looking just to have fun with THE GROUP. It only takes one phone call to find out if you and your mom can join us. Please make that call. You and your mom can do your own thing most of the time but just have dinner with us Singles. Whatever you feel like doing will be okay. Send me a private message if you make the call to VTG. Angel Gal
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