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Originally Posted by rosetattoo
No, no, no, you don't have to tip the Maitre d'. Just make sure you go see him as soon as you board the ship to make your request. He will gladly accommodate you, if possible, and you don't have to grease his palm.
Personally, unless I asked him for something wayyyyy over the top ... I never tip a Maitre d' a cent ... especially on a ship. He is management and makes a nice salary. Therefore, if I make a reasonable request ... a table for two (and I booked early enough that I should be able to receive it), or a change of table because I have a compatibility problem with my tablemates ... I feel it is the JOB of the Maitre 'd to accommodate my request. I am a paying guest ... paying handsomely to be on that cruise ship. Part of what I pay goes into his paycheck, and therefore he should only be too happy to accommodate my reasonable requests.

Now, of course, if I ask for something special ... something that it is not his job to do for me, but he does it anyway ... then, yes, I would grease his palm in appreciation. But otherwise, he gets zilch from me. I'd rather save that ten spot for the waiter who takes good care of me, and runs himself ragged in the process. And, if the Maitre 'd is decent ... as a member of management ... he would rather me use my tip money in that manner as well.

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