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Default Re: Stylish walking shoes


Originally Posted by You
I'm going on a European cruise in late June. We will be taking 4-5 hour shore excursions in Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium that involve quite a bit of walking (not "hiking"). I'll be wearing mostly skirts and summer dresses and need some cute walking shoes (not Teva, Birkenstock, sneakers, etc.), on the strappy, stylish side (metalic leather, for instance). I'm looking for suggestions on brands and/or specific style names.
Sounds great!

I don't have a recommendation on shoes, but I do have one recommendation. You might want to make sure that your skirts and dresses fall below the knee and that your dresses and tops completely cover your shoulders (or bring a shawl to cover your shoulders in your day bag). Shore excursions in that region often visit churches that have significant art and architecture, and most of the churches have very strict dress codes that require clothing to cover the shoulders, the knees, and everything in between. They also require ladies to wear hats or kerchiefs to cover their hair.

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