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Default Re: Worst cabin on the ship???


Originally Posted by You
I just got my cabin assignment on Summit and we are in 2140 (bottom floor, inside) below the grand foyer. We could only afford an inside and did the GTY thing and now regretting it, it looks like the worse cabin on the boat!!! I'm worried it will be incredibly loud at that location. Anyone can let me know?
The worst passenger cabin aboard any Celebrity ship is far better than the best suite in any resort on the beach!

Seriously, I have yet to find a bad cabin on any Celebrity ship. The passenger cabins are very well insulated, so you won't hear much of what's happening outside the cabin. Also, the "Grand Foyer" is not exactly a venue for passenger activities. Rather, it's more of an administrative hub where you'll find the "Guest Relations" desk, the "Bank" desk, the shore excursion desk, the future bookings desk, the Captains's Club hostess's desk, and other similar functions. IOW, it's primarily a place where passengers go to transact business of one kind or another rather than to engage in loud activities. The lounge seating in the Grand Foyer functions more as a waiting area for these services than anything else.

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