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Which raises the interesting question of why do we tip cab drivers? And hairdressers? Custom? Surely not because they're perceived to be on low wages?

Onboard Salons...... beauty treatments incur a 15% 'gratuity'.

And if we do not tip in take out restaurants - then why on a ship do we have to tip 15% when we go to a bar and collect the drink to take to (say) our sunbed? The onboard shops staffed by a cashier do not charge 15% 'service charge' when you buy a polo shirt.

But then, why do they even bother to add 15% onto a bar tab - why not just make the price of the drink 15% higher and then not add a 'gratuity'.

And why pay 15% on an expensive brandy which takes 1 minute to serve and costs you much, and also 15% on a freshly brewed pot of tea which takes the server five minutes to prepare at minimal price?

I end up in the ridiculous position of adding $5 to a bar bill of $2 for a pot of tea...... and feel outraged at 'giving' the bar man $4.50 for measuring out a measure of brandy (in about 20 seconds) costing $30.00.
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