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Default Windsurf - Barbados - American Airlines - Ye Be Warned

If you fly American Airlines to Barbados, don't say I didn't warn you.

AA apparanty has a HUGE problem of losing luggage for passengers arriving in Barbados. If you arrive on a Sunday, like we did, you can pretty much forget about seeing your bags until the 4th or 5th day of your cruise.

There is NO shopping in Barbados on Sunday's so you can't replace what you have lost and the ships gift store has very little.

Oh that's okay, we'll just shop on the next island. THINK AGAIN!! Windsurf is 180 degrees from ordinary which means they go to extremely small ports with NO shopping. Even in St. Lucia, we were on the other side of the islnad with very little to chose from.

I was one of 7 people on this cruise who had flown American and lost their bags. The lost bags line at the American Airlines luggage desk was the longest I have ever seen. They also have no computers so there is no way for them to track anything. You simply fill out a form and start praying.

I feel bad for the Windsurf reception crew because according to them, they go through this EVERY SINGLE WEEK with American Airlines lost luggage. They get most of the grief from frustrated passengers and are at the mercy of the airline to help them.

Take my advice....pack most of your things in your main suitcase and take a smaller carry on with 2 to 3 days worth of clothes. Otherwise your cruise will be ruined.

Oh, and if you're thinking that you are a FIRST CLASS passenger and therefor there is no chance that the airline will lose your luggage, think again. We were first class round trip and last night when we returned to Phoenix, my bag didn't show again. This is the same bag that I have traveled all over the world with and never had any problems, but American lost it twice in one trip.

American Airlines in by far the WORST airline I have ever flown and could care less if you have had a bad experience or not.

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