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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse
This might be a little out of date, we’ve been gone for a while...but was I the only one that received a special survey from RCCI about this VERY ISSUE...smoking in cabins.

The questions in the survey ranged from:

Would you cruise more if you could book a non-smoking cabin?


Should smoking be allowed on the verandas?
Should there be a fee charged for smokers who smoke in non-smoking cabins?

To complete the questions took about 10 minutes.

I think the cruise lines finally might be getting the message from us non-smokers...not because they really care, but because it is hitting them in the 'pocket'....having to clean and RE-CLEAN cabins, non-smokers compaints about the persistent smell of smoke in the drapes, pillows and bedding...
And to this, I say again....Febreeze is such a WONDERFUL thing...I'm sure that the cruise lines could get a wonderful deal from the manufacturer just by promoting that they use the product on the ship.

A cruise line that does any of the above, will not get my business. And I do stand behind this...Marriott branded hotels went smoke free last fall, and I refuse to stay in any of them anymore, even though I have a decent sized balance of their Rewards points. I will not patronize a restaurant that is non smoking unless I have to (i.e., business meeting), either. (Now of course this excludes cruises, I'm talking about on land *grin*)

Too often, businesses and governments have a knee-jerk reaction to what they perceive as a public health problem (anyone remember WHY we couldn't have red M&M's and maraschino cherries in the 70's and 80's??). Hey, it's my freaking health, leave me alone if I'm not intruding on others' rights. And yes, I'll take care of my own insurance, thank you very much.

Off the soap box now...and off to bed.

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