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Originally Posted by dvrdude
I'm with Lisa. I'll take my business elsewhere if the cruiselines bow to the vocal majority (? not if you believe the poll) on the smoking issue. I have no problem refraining from smoking in ship's eating areas, theaters, etc., but I draw the line at being told what perfectly legal things I can do in a room that I paid for.

I travel for work and pleasure frequently and also used to stay at Marriott hotels regularly. As soon as they came out with that ridiculous policy I contacted them and informed them that since they didn't want my money I'd be more than happy to do business with the Hiltons. Hey, Paris probably needs some new shoes. Apparently some drawers anyway.

Smoke stains room’s walls and windows an ugly brown, permeates the drapes and bedding. It cost additional money to clean a smoker’s room or cabin because it takes MORE time and effort. Smoke leaves a stink.

On our last cruise to Alaska on Celebrity's Infinity...two smokers previously used our cabin and even though it was clean, it smelled of heavy cigarette smoke.

Our cabin attendant stripped and changed ALL the bedding including the bedspread. He changed the drapes and washed the walls and windows, even cleaned the rug...nothing even touched the smell of was everywhere.

The cabin next to ours was the Penthouse...and they requested the attendants’ tape around our connecting door because, to quote them, “The stink of cigarette smoke was leaking into their suite?. (I have pictures!)

We weren't the only ones to have problems with the smell of smoke in cabins on this Celebrity cruise...we met other passengers who also requested to be moved to other cabins because of the smell of cigarette smoke...

Years ago, before I got 'burned out'...I used to work in a hospital E.R. as a Respiratory Therapist...I've treated many patients with COPD, Asthma etc.

We'd have a few regular patients with COPD who would frequently come into the Emergency Room...literally BLUE!!! panting to catch each breath...we'd spend hours working on them IPPB treatments, injections, 02 etc. to get them to feel better...Then finally they'd 'pink up'...(look pink because of the increase of 02 in their lungs, etc.)

After they'd felt better...these same patients would go outside to wait for their rides/friends and we'd see them smoking!!!

So I for one, with my experience as a former R.T. don't expect smokers to appreciate how dangerous or inconvenient their habit is to others, when most ignore how dangerous the habit is to their own health. Seriously, why should they care about ours???

But...I do believe that businesses will continue to respond positively to non-smokers because of the 'hit' to their pocketbooks. As stated is double the work to clean a smoker’s cabin or hotel/motel room...

The change will come because it affects the 'bottom line'.
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