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Anyone who has done any research prior to booking their cruise, is well aware of HAL's Automatic Tip Program. If you don't like it, you may wish to not book with HAL. If you think you can abide by their policy, in effect, by purchasing passage on their ship you have agreed to their policy IMO

In the event you receive really poor service or have severe complaints, BY ALL MEANS do NOT suffer in silence and fume and steam and have a horrible cruise and then remove your automatic tips to get your point across.

You should be speaking up at the time you begin to incur a difficulty aboard. The point is that you want to have a good cruise with good service. Presumably, your point is NOT to 'stiff the crew' out of tips. If you think the service in any area is substandard, speak up. See the Guest Relations Manager (GRM); see the Maitre d'; see the Head Housekeeper; see the Beverage Manager; see the Hotel Manager. These people are all accessible and approachable. Discuss your problem with them and let them make it right.

By doing that, you win - win. You have a great cruise....which is the point. You also do not have feel as though you have punished an entire crew by tipping no one.

It totally confuses me why someone would suffer things aboard the ship they think should not be occuring. They stay silent while aboard and then they come running to BB's and tell the world what a terrible cruise they had. If your A/C doesn't work, ask to have it repaired. If you have a painfully slow dining steward, speak with his supervisor.

Give them a chance to make it right!!! It's for your own benefit.....and for the rest of us.

Just because you choose to have all your meals in Lido, you are still using dining stewards. Some of the dining stewards are assigned to breakast/lunch/ dinner in Lido. There is no way you are eating aboard an HAL ship for 7 days and not being served by a steward. They clean the tables; they serve iced tea at the stations; they help carry trays for you; they refill you coffee cup at breakfast by wheeling their cart around.

When calculating the cost of your cruise, the cost of tips is part of the total price IMO
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