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Hi, it's approx. 45/55 ratio. A few more gals because not everybody signed into our vtg yahoo website. What happens is.... that in the beginning the gals sign up first for the cruise and then most of the guys book at the last minute. That is the history of single people behavior when booking Singles cruises.
Some of the singles asked VTG that question too. I didn't pay much attention knowing how most guys like to book at the last minute and they don't write much on the private yahoo message board that is provided for us from VTG.
I have heard that some guys just like to read what we singles are writing on the message board because they have told me so.

There are some very strong personalities on this cruise. They speak their minds. The majority age level is 40's to 50's. Just a few of us are from California and west coast...... some Canadians from Toronto..... one gal from Astralia
and people from other states. I didn't pay much attention to the poll.
Since Miami is located in the eastern southern coast..... it has attracted mostly singles from the mid-west to the east coast.
It is so easy just to fly down to Miami. I have to fly all the way from Los Angeles to Miami. Boring flight. Angel gal
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