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Originally Posted by You
Thanks for your replys. We will using the Lido deck
Let me discourage you from "skipping out" of the "formal" evenings for two reasons.

>> 1. On the "formal" evenings, Princess really "pulls out all the stops" with the best menus in the main dining room and special events that are very memorable (I won't disclose the details here so as not to spoil the surprise).

>> 2. When I was last on Princess, the stated policy was that "the prescribed evening dress applies throughout the ship after 6:00 PM, except in designated casual areas" and the options for "casual" entertainment were extremely limited. If you "opt out" of the "formal" evening, you might find that your only options for enterainment are "Movies Under the Stars" (MUTS), if you are on a ship that has them, and the television in your stateroom. Even worse, the weather in Alaska's inside passage tends to be a bit chilly (low temperatures in the 40's F) and rainy, making MUTS not so viable.

If you don't want to pack and transport formalwear, Princess offers a very confenient rental service for both gents and ladies. The line will deliver formalwear to your cabin on embarkation day. When you depart, you just leave it there.

But if the issue is simply not wanting to dress up for the two "formal" evenings, I urge you to reconsider because you will miss out on so much if you don't join in the fancy fun!

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