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Janice Marie,

Originally Posted by You
Hi Becky: Norm is absolutely correct. Don't miss formal nights. They are special and fun. While you'll see tuxes and cocktail/formal wear, you'll also see men wearing sports coats, shirts and ties or suits and ladies dressed in dressy tops and nice slacks. Very few women wore long formal dresses.
Unfortunately, you are right as to what you actually will see on "formal" evenings on a Princess ship in Alaska. Nonethless, the prescribed dress for gentlemen is either "black tie" (tuxedo or dinner jacket) or a dark -- and I do mean DARK -- business suit on the "formal" evenings. Thus, a sport coat or blazer realy is not proper.

That said, I will say that I don't find men (a "genleman" would know better...) who show up in a sport coat and tie on the "formal" evenings to be anywhere near as offsensive as those who make no effort. In most cases, the men who commit this social faux pas do so out of legitimate misunderstanding (no, a "sport coat" or "blazer" is NOT the same thing as a "dinner jacket"...) rather than out of sheer arrogance and disregard for others.

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