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Originally Posted by nmnita
And yo can be sure if they add additional amounts to our fare to cover raises for the employees before we know it tips will be expected again. This is a no win situation. I agree, it is easier to do the auto tipping. NMNita
Exactly. Before the auto-tip, HAL left it to passengers to tip or not to tip. Then they put in the auto-tip because, presumably, I would imagine many people were opting not to tip and HAL was having trouble keeping employees. Now we have the auto-tip, but it is sort of expected that you will stand hand your waiter and your room steward a little something additional at the end of the cruise if you were satisfied with the service. Go to a service charge, or the tips included in the fare, and eventually we'll be right back to tipping envelopes being handed out by the purser's desk toward the end of the cruise.

You can't win.

Tipping is just the custom onboard cruise ships and if the service is good, you really should tip. If that thought is particularly revolting to you, then all I can say is that perhaps you shouldn't be cruising.

Blue skies ...

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