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My husband is also in a wheelchair and we have been on 2 cruises so far and going on 3rd in may. It has definitely been a job trying to find excursions while in the caribbean. They do not have to meet ada standards as we do here. We have been to Jamaica & Cozumel. We took the Dunns River Falls excursion offered by the cruise line and was sorely disappointed. There is no way for a person that is disabled to even begin to get down to see the falls! The other stop we made was also a disappointment as my husband had to sit down in a lobby area while we went on tour of the site. As for Cozumel, we actually rented a car there and drove around the island. It was great! We got a VW convertible bug & let the top down & wheelchair hang out of back seat and just enjoyed the riding! I'm not sure about your spouse but mine has a hard time dealing with the heat as he cannot sweat like the rest of us. It was way to hot for us to stop and do anything as he couldn't just jump out and get in the water. We did however stop at a little place on the beach and the owner helped me get him to a table that was in the sand with a great view of the ocean. We also stopped at one of the parks and they let him in free & gave me a discounted pass. (can't remember the name of it though) We were there probably 15 mins and had to leave because it was just WAY too hot!!!

I have been very disappointed with the cruise lines. They are just not that helpful. I've heard that Crystal accomodates disabled guests much better than others.

For this cruise in May, I have REALLY done my homework & have found some great tour guides that have explained to me what he will be able to do & not do and whether or not they could accomodate him being in a wheelchair. So, my suggestion would be to do a google search & critic message boards for individuals that have used local tour guides for excursions.

I surely hope this helps..........I know how TOUGH it is and how there isn't much info on this subject. You may e-mail me at if you have any other questions.
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