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The one and only time that we were to fly the morning of the cruise was bright and beautiful. We were sitting on the plane, a regional jet, when I noticed men pointing at the wheel area of the plane. Soon more men were pointing. Not a good sign. Seems there was a leak in the hydraulic system. The flight was canceled and because it was school vacation there was no other plane to replace it. Now, of course, I would much rather they find a problem before the flight than later, but you can imagine how we felt. We figured our vacation was doomed. Everyone on the plane had to return to the desk and try to rebook. Well, as I said, it was a school vacation. We watched as a honeymoon couple broke into tears, a family taking a cruise out of New Orleans were told it would be at least two days before they could get out, and so on. We were near the end of the line and were figuring there was no hope. When our turn finally came, the rep at the desk looked at our docs.....we had booked the flight through HAL....and left to contact HAL and see what she could do. Seems that the ship was undergoing some maintenance in port and would be delayed so they might wait for us. So somehow the rep (she was wonderful) got us on a plane to Detroit (yes, Detroit) to go to Florida. When we finally got to Ft. Lauderdale, a HAL rep met us and immediately called the ship's Captain. She rushed us onto a bus, just us. We arrived at the terminal and were whisked through security, etc.. No other passengers were there since we arrived two hours after the ship was supposed to sail! They rushed us through the crew fancy entrance for us. We were just thrilled to be aboard! In this case, thank heavens we booked the flight through HAL!
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