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Originally Posted by Gail F
How early were you off the ship, compared to the other guests, and did you get a special room to sit in and wait and was it with or without your luggage.



Believe it or not the first passengers were allowed off the ship @ 7:30 and then the regular/rest of the passengers were allowed off at 8:30.... For whatever reason, the early birds got off on deck zero and from 8:30 on the rest of us left from the Atrium Lobby, deck three.

BUT, compared to the other guests, we were the last ones off the ship!!! Well, ok, almost last. Our limo picked us up at 10:00. We live only 40 minutes North of the Port and are in noooooooooooo hurry to get off!!!
We strive for being the last ones off.....

The nice thing about Platinum, no matter what time you get off the ship, is that there is a special area for luggage just for Platinum Cruisers.
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