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Originally Posted by lulu48
Originally Posted by Fieldmouse
We were thinking of being on a 'wait' list because we wanted a specific cruise itinerary AND a class of cabin.

Even though the ship had cabins still available...the deck level and the class of cabin we wanted was completely booked.

After reading the OP we decided against it.
W/l for a cabin class is different from w/l for a sold out cruise.

If your cabin cat is sold out you may get an upgrade.

If the ship is sold out you will get to stay home!!

Yup, you're right...but for us...part of the cruise experience is the ship!

I have some disabilities...(none major or serious) but we tend to spend more time in our cabin than most other passengers. So the right cabin and deck IS a major consideration when we book a cruise.

We tend to book early and request a specific deck and cabin. We have in the past, by booking early, got some great deals. But when we didn't was still good, cause we got the cabin we wanted.

Of course, if we had our 'rathers' DH would like to book, cheap inside, most any deck above the water line...and we'd cruise like crazy!
Unfortunetly, that can't happen...BUT we at least have the cruise like crazy attitude!!!!
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