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Default Re: Another idea . . .

Originally Posted by Aimee77
Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
I definitely suffer from O.C.D. (obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Therefore, after I give my bags to the porter, I tend to stand around and wait and see my luggage loaded onto either the ship or at the very least the giant bins where they put the luggage. Once it is in the bin and I see the bin moving toward the ship, then I can proceed to check in.

Plus I tend to get to the ship relatively early (b4 2:00) and therefore, it is easy to watch your luggage b/c the crowd of luggage is not too bad.

Did the OP mention what time they got to the ship? Perhaps, they were some of the last to board and therein lies the confusion.

While I am sure it may have happened, I have never seen two ships loading passengers or luggage close enough together to cause this confusion. The only thing I can reason is that their luggage may have be the last few pieces to get on the ship and there was some sort of miscommunication and the loader took it to the wrong ship.
I have never seen two ships loading passengers or luggage close to each other. Who knows what really happened, the OP should just move on and should have made the best out of a bad situation. A Carnival Cruise must not be for them, hopefully they can find other things to do for their vacation. My DH & I just loved our cruise vacation. We have one planned for July on the Legend. Can't wait to sail away...

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Probably didn't tip the long shoreman.


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