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Default denali/mckinley flightseeing

just got my princess cruise packet, yaaaay! i have been looking through the optional land tour brochure and am now debating between two flight seeing trips during our stay at Denali... wondering if anyone has taken either trip or can give me any input that might help me make my decision...

tour 1: McKinley Glacier-Landing by Plane
"...scenic flight from the Denali park entrance that lands you squarely in the middle of mt. mckinley..." 2 hour flight time, 20 minutes on the glacier.

tour two: Denali Glacier-Landing by Helicopter
"...view denali national park...landing on the yanert glacier" 1 hour flight time, 20 minutes on the glacier.

both are the same price. (it may be a little silly, but i do have a slight bias towards doing a helicopter tour because my best friend is a helicopter pilot.) it sounds like the flight would be pretty similar scenery in each so i guess the main thing that i would like to know about is what the glacier landing would be like... am i going to see more cool stuff on mt. mckinley or yanert?
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