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And now, a happy alternative to "pushy"....

Friends of mine and I, in 1999, were on vacation in Sydney, Australia. We got to the airport later than we should have, and the line was horribly long. I looked at the one friend that was sharing my flight, and shook my head and commented that we were going to miss it...there was just no way they were going to get through in time for us to board.

A couple of minutes later, a lady walked up to us and asked us if we were traveling together. When we said yes, she unhooked the stanchion and asked us to follow her - no one else, just us two. She led us to the business class counter where we were given blank boarding passes.

I wasn't thinking about any of this...just figured they opened the desk up to help with the we proceeded through security and Customs, and we got back to the jetway gate and the person that's there tells us we're going to have to wait because we have blank boarding passes. No explanation - and it's only like 10 minutes from the time the plane's supposed to leave. I was getting a bit disturbed by this time.... After all, we had BLANK boarding passes...I started mumbling to my friend about the situation. I wasn't nice, but I wasn't broadcasting either. Then, they called our names. Handed us boarding passes, and we walked up the jetway.

I told my friend that our seats were too close to the front of the plane. She just smiled and said that we were probably the first row in coach. I wasn't convinced....and I was, happily, right - we had been upgraded to business class.

Moral of the story: Don't throw a fit before you know what sort of "stuff" you've fallen into

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