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Originally Posted by the goddess Pandora
yeah, well...great!...i should probably listen to you guys, since you know from experience, i'm just being naive...

thanks for the help and advice...already working hard for my next cruise!...can't wait!
Hi Pandora, I know it's hard to accept you might not hear from him but it's also true with the entertainers. I became friendly with one member from a rock and roll band on the Miracle and we exchanged e-mails; phone numbers. I've seen them once before and was pleasantly surprised to see them again. He actually took the time and looked me up on the computer and remembered that I was on the Triumph with them two years ago and welcomed me back from the stage. I was quite impressed with that. I did have to tell him though he didn't have to say it everynight. It was cute though. They do tend to make you feel special. But like they say you don't hear anything from them. It's just the way it is on a cruise. Their life is so much different than ours. But don't laugh, i did book another cruise with them (hopefully) in October. Just to have some fun. Take care Mary49
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