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Default Re: Not what I wanted to hear about the Golden Princess

Originally Posted by sirobin171
Hey I am also on the Golden 9/1 in a mini suite.

Ok, are there other people that think the ship is not as good as the pictures look?

My main things are:

Clean cabins
Comfortable beds, like Carnivals very comfy beds.
Decent food
A well maintained ship.

I guess the one thing that really was a surprise is the 15% additional tip on alcahol.

Been on lots and lots of cruises, the 15% tip on beverages is the norm on EVERY ship...but they also have a little spot on the bill where you can ADD and additional tip if you REALLY like your waiter.
Hope this helps.

Now that I think of it maybe they did add that on Carnival also, nahh I think I had to write in the tip on RCCL and Carnival. Can anyone set me straight on this?

Also, anyone else got two cents on the Golden Princess? I will change my booking if its a crappy ship.

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