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Good Morning All,

More rain today - the sun never even peeked out yesterday - not even a smidgeon.

Off to the office soon.

Sue - I pretty much feel like you do - but dealing with my ds and his gf - and I just feel like leaving and not dealing with it all either. I'm tired - been thru it all several times with my daughter, and now that my health is compromised I just don't have the mindset to handle it all well. I'm trusting the Lord to do something soon - cuz I just can't take the strain.

My stomach continues to worsen - just as the surgeon told me it would - not sure what is going to happen if I can't get cleared for surgery soon. I do know that I truly can't continue like this - the pain and inconvience is almost dibilatating now - hopefully it will subside soon, tho' it seems to me it is steadily increasing, I'm also trusting the tide will change the opposite way soon.

With no regular shows to watch - I sat thru a painful Red Sox Game last night - but hey - we can't win them all. Today is their rest day - so I have no idea how to entertain myself tonight.

Sue's post yesterday jogged my memory - have to make an appointment for my dog at the groomers. I keep forgetting...

Doug - glad they haven't been to rough on you yet. That picture was very soothing - the gold tones are so relaxing. Thank you.
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