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Originally Posted by k88
You were so dead on about the two types, I can't stand it when People are like you are such a good server, and yadda yadda yadda, and then you have high hopes for a great tip and theyll be $3 on a $40 bill. I think most people dont know that we tip out the bartenders, bussers, and the host, where I work we also tip out the expo,who pulls your food, and the foodrunners, people that if were busy will run our food, And we tip out a set 2% of our SALES, not our tips to each one of those , its about 10% of our sales to other people, so if customers only tip us 10%, if that, I'm walking away with nothing!
Then perhaps you all need to get together and have a meeting with the boss if you feel your working conditions are not fair. If you're getting tips that are discretionary, yet are expected to tip other employees based on sales ... not tips ... then something at that restaurant is very unfair and you and all of your fellow workers need to get together and corner the boss about it. If everyone was of the same mind, the boss would have no choice but to re-examine the policy. Otherwise, he may have a hard time keeping employees. No employees means he can't run his restaurant, right?

All I am saying here is that I shouldn't be EXPECTED to pay your wages. That's your boss' job. I will certainly tip ... and believe me, I do tip well ... but only when I receive good service. I generally take my 93 year old father out to dinner twice a week ... nothing fancy generally ... a local diner, Denny's ... occasionally an Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse. When the server takes good care of my dad ... keeps a smile on his face ... makes sure his coffee cup never goes dry (he loves his coffee), jokes with him, etc. ... believe me, I am known to tip well over 20% in some cases. But if I get a server who merely does his job ... nothing extra ... I feel like I am being pressured when I am told that an "appropriate" tip is 20%.

You say some people are rude ... yelling across the restaurant for a server ... snapping their fingers, etc. I am sure there are some plain rude people out there, but in some cases could it be that perhaps that server is not doing their job properly? Why do the patrons have to call her? Isn't she checking in with the table on a regular basis to see if they need anything? If she was doing that, they wouldn't need to call her, right?

Again, I'm not arguing that you work hard. I am sorry if some people look down on you. I certainly never look down on the people who serve me in a restaurant. They are folks just like me ... earning a living in the best way that they can given their circumstances. I'm no better than them just because I break my back in a computer center instead of a restaurant. We're all just trying to pay the bills in whatever way we can.

So, if you work hard ... and I have no doubt that you do ... then you need to get together with others at your restaurant and complain if the compensation plan is not fair. Perhaps you even need to consider the possibility of joining a union. Either way, you deserve to be paid a fair wage. The argument I have is about just who is expected to pay it.

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