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Default first timer needs big help!

Help please! I am trying to plan a cruise for a group of teachers; we're all first-timers and are going during fall break. I have 2 big questions (at least, big for us!) Any advice will be appreciated!
1) There were going to be 6 and now we're down to 5 of us. We were going to get 3 inside rooms, 2 of us in each (we don't plan to be in our rooms much.. just to sleep.) Now we have an odd number; can we fit 3 of us into one inside room, so we'd have 3 in one and 2 in the other? What would be best?
2) We're preparing to get passports on Wednesday; I spoke to a TA on the phone tonight who said we don't need passports, just birth certificate and drivers license. I don't really MIND getting a passport, but if we can save the $100 expense, we can afford to spend more on our rooms or excursions (remember: teachers' salary) I would just die, though, if we got to the ship and couldn't get on without a passport and it was my fault! Or if we got to Cozumel and couldn't get off the boat...

Thanks in advance for your help; I've enjoyed reading all of the message boards; I've been taking notes!

first time cruise - group of teachers ready for fall break!
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