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Originally Posted by sillydog
We are also cruising on the September 19th sailing. This will be our 26th cruise but our first 15 night cruise. Can someone help with packing suggestions. Do you pack or do you send things out to be cleaned? I have had somethings washed on shorter trips but was just wondering what has worked from someone who has cruised this long. Also other than the formal nights , How did you dress?
Bit of both The wife took 15 dresses on our last cruse I must admit I do enjoy the formal nights but it will be interesting this next one as we are only allowed one case each baggage restrictions we took 3 on the last one 2.5 for the wife and a bit of space for me

I take one DJ and trimmings 4 starched shirts with winged collars and 7 normal shirts the normal shirts I send to the cleaners’ on the Princesses ships they have fill a bag day for $10.00 if you fold the clothes you can get quite a lot in the bag

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