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Originally Posted by You
I don't know if you know this CruzNut but the Emerald Princess is operated by Carnival Cruise Lines. When I had a problem with Carnival and said I would never sail with them I went online to find out which ships sail under the Carnival Umbrella.

Here is a quote from:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Princess Cruises is an American cruise line, based out of Santa Clarita, California, that operates cruise ships also shares the same building with Cunard Line headquarters. It is one of the many cruise lines operated by the Carnival Corporation. The company was made famous by The Love Boat TV series, in which two of its ships, the Island Princess and Pacific Princess were featured.[/code]"
Unfortunately, your quote illustrates the problem with a free source of information to which anybody can contribute. The information that you quoted is, quite simply, wrong on several counts.

>> 1. Carnival Cruise Line is a subsidiary of a holding company named Carnival Corporation. Its stock trades as common shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CCL.

>> 2. Princess Cruise Line is a subsidiary of a British holding company named Carnival Plc. Its stock trades as ordinary shares on the London Stock Exchange under the EPIC symbol CCL. It also has an American Depository Trust, shares of which trade on the New York Stock Exchange as American Depository Receipt (ADR) shares under the ticker symbol CUK.

>> 3. Carnival Corporation and Carnival Plc. entered into a joint operating agreement in 1983 that allows them to operate as though they were one company. Nonetheless, two distinct legal entities remain.

Under the joint operating agreement, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises are functionally sister lines. Neither owns the other.

And in the end, things that are free often are worth exactly what you pay for them!

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