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a bit off topic, as it's not cruise related, but is about tipping:

In 2005, my Dad and brother and I went to England. On our tour of the Tower of London, the Beefeater guiding the tour first insisted everyone on the tour shut off their video cameras. He actually stopped the tour at this point and loudly pointed to specific people (including me) demanding they shut off their cameras. He gave a pretty good tour, very spirited and dramatic at points, humorous at others.

He ended the tour in the chapel, and announced he would accept gratuities on our way out, and there was only one way out, so everyone had to walk by him to leave. I was offended by this, and chose not to tip. As I walked by him he actually grabbed me by the arm (gently) and said "did you enjoy the tour sir?"; I said "yes" and kept walking...

I think I was more shocked and offended by this because in 2000, I had gone on the same tour with my wife and kids, and we weren't bothered for a tip at all, and there was no hassle over video taping. Although it was a different Yeoman/Beefeater guiding the tour...

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