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For about 10 or so years, we would rent the same cottage right on the sand at Hampton Beach, NH for 2 weeks in July. We were always there for my birthday which was cool. It was always the same weeks so we had friends that were also there the same time. (think Wonder Years tv show).

Our second 2 weeks vacation consisted of driving somewhere. These trips were great and comical at the same time. Two parents, four kids, lots of luggage, a cooler for breakfast and lunch food all stuffed into our blue Ford Falcon station wagon. It was a real treat pulling over on the side of a highway and watching my mom make sandwiches. (tuna, peanut butter and jelly, cold cuts etc) We would sit and watch the traffic while we ate. Dinner would usually consists of McDonalds or McDonalds type places. As a treat, one night each week of the vacation we would eat at a "nice" restaurant. The hotels we stayed in weren't the finest but they were always clean, had enough room for all of us, were rated at least 3 stars in tourbooks and ALWAYS had a pool.

These vacations are memories that I will treasure forever.
Cheryl C.
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