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I would say the technophobes, our toys/accessories, especially digital camera that has high megapixel, good audio/video capability, the largest possible memory card (or mlutiples), and a backup battery,and of course battery charger. I have a relatively new Olympus FE-230, with 3 gig worth of memory cards, a charger, and just ordered a backup battery so I can have both fully charged every day. The battery is strong enough to take 250-300 photos before the charge wears out, but I will take probably take more than that, including a bunch of very short 5-10 second video clips. I'm leaving in 3 weeks and it's backordered by 7 days, but I should have it in time. Don't know when we'll be able to cruise again, it will be many years probably, so I'm going to document every inch of the ship, the excursions, etc... Almost. 8)
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