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First let me point out that I have never cruised on HAL, or cruised at all. I'm scheduled for my first one August 26th to Alaska on the MS Noordam.

I too was confused by the VH-VA catagories too. The simple answer is yes, it's alot about the location, location, location. I've noticed the higher you go, the more the cabin cost. Also, in some catagories there is only a limited number available.

I initially did my booking directly with HAL after studing the web site. You can see which types of cabins are available on each deck and their locations. This might help you decide which cabin catagory you might be interested in.

Pay attention to what's above and below the deck you interested in. For instance, I have a VH guarentee. There on only 4 of these cabins available. They are in the very front (bow) of the ship on the 4th (Promanode deck) floor, the show lounge right above them (possibility of hearing the stomping at night and rehearsing during the day) and have a metal, steel railing (not plexi-glass) which means you can't see the sea while sitting down unless you're very tall. It's my understanding the the VF cabins also have the metal railings.

I have sense moved my booking with a local TA. So I have someone I can go to with questions. I'm also happying for an upgrade or the chance to buy up before the cruise.

I hope I've helped some. Happy Cruising.
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