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Originally Posted by Michelle1959
We'll be doing the glass bottom boat in Freeport and the Atlantis resort in Nassau. Will not be taking taxis or busses anywhere on our own.
Even if you did cabs on your own in Freeport or Nassau, you and your son wouldn't be on your own, as the taxis (vans) won't leave on either end of your ride, until the van is completely full. (8-12 people, including one in the paseenger side front seat)

Just one suggestion for you in Nassau.

You can do the exact same things at Atlantis, as you would do on the excursion, by yourselves, after 6PM, for $20-$21 roundtrip cabride to Atlantis for two.
The ship excursions only take over to Atlantis and take you through the Digs aquarium, shopping area and Casino. (plus, lobbies etc..)

After 6 or 7PM (depending on the time of year), the guards at the Dig, go home for the evening, but it remains open, for free (instead of $29pp) until around 11PM.

The rest of the things you see on the excursion are free at anytime you go over there.

We did this on our last cruise in January and some friends we met in the Polo Lounge each night were upset, when they found out we saw all the same things they saw on their ship excursion, for a mere $21 roundtrip for both of us. (the ships excursion does NOT go anywhere near the pools or waterslides, which are reserved for guests use exclusively. Which to me seems kind of cruel taking a kid to the world famous waterpark, but not let them ever go in.)

Plus, by doing this, you leave your morning and afternoon in Nassau free to see the many, many, many more interesting things to see in Nassau, other than the Vegasy Atlantis.

You could do Ardastra Gardens and Zoo (which I think we are going to do on our next trip to Nassau in September)

See any of the sites on this walking tour (which we did on both trips to Nassau, right after docking, while it was still reasonably cool in Nassau)
(especially the Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle, right at the top of the stairs. The view from inside the Fort is great)

The British Colonial Hitlon right at the end of the pier and the Wyndham over in Cable Beach, both offer great daypass deals to use their pools, beaches, facilities, towels, etc... for a mer $15 pp.

We have taken advantage of the BCH and its proximity to the ship (15 minutes from our pool loungers, back to the ship for dinner0 on both previous trips.

Most people with kids, prefer the bigger beach and pool with slides at the Wyndham.

There is also the Pirate museum right near the BCH.

It would be a shame to be docked in Nassau for 24 hours and only see Atlantis and maybe the shopping on Bay St. or the Straw Market, which IMO, are the 3 least enjoyable parts of a trip to Nassau.

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