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I heard about a product on this or another board that might of interest to some. I need them here at home, but also for our cruise, so I have ordered 3.

PowerSquid - 5 outlet adapter - looks great

ebay has them for $9.99 s/h 8.95 on the first, then $4 on additional.

"A power strip minus the strip

Most of us electronics obsessed folks know that the everyday power strip just doesn't cut it. A typical 5-outlet strip might be able to accommodate two bulky power converters, so you end up needing three of them to connect your five devices. Definitely not a pretty picture.
To solve this problem some brilliant person eliminated the actual strip and simply connected together five flexible outlets. Now your big square power converters can exist in peaceful harmony, all of them humming along in unison to the same lovely tune.

Also has these great features.

5 grounded adapter-ready outlets
4 foot power cord
Yellow lighted master switch with 15-amp circuit breaker
Electrical rating: 125V/15A/1875W
UL Listed
Not rated for outdoor use "
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