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Originally Posted by LisaK
lynn, that is a very good question, and yes you check the price of your cruise at the cruise lines web site. Your TA is probably very busy and just doesn't have the time to check on all the rates for all her clients
And that is just what really chaps my butt. What do you mean "the TA is probably very busy?" I don't buy that at all. Looking out for my interests is her JOB ... she should MAKE the time to run a price check on at least a once a week basis.

Travel agents make decent money for the work they do. Some of them get commissions in excess of 18% if they book a lot with certain cruise lines. My feeling is that the TA works for me, and I would expect her to at least be checking my fare to make sure I'm not losing out on a better deal.

Of course, that's not to say I won't check it too ... but, after all, two pairs of eyes are better than one, right? She's getting paid, and not too shabbily either ... so let her do some of the work.

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