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There always has been a lot of confusion about a so-called nude or topless deck on Carnival ships.
At one time, there was a " tops optional " deck around the funnel area. It seemed to confuse most people, as it was " optional " to go without a top-- not mandatory---in that small area. It was a public deck open to all except minors under 18.

Most, if not all of Carnival ships have or are doing away with this deck and replacing it with something else, like a mini-golf course. Rumors abound as to why--someone said it was because someone took photos, etc.
I would think it was because it was basically wasted space that they could use for something better--sorta like keeping up with the Jones--- RCCL has golf-- Carnival has to have golf, etc.

If you want to cruise in the buff, you need to sign on with a nude cruise group such as, etc.
None of the main stream cruise lines will allow you to cruise in the raw.
If you feel the urge to go naked and can't contain yourself, wait til formal night--- cover your face and streak through the dining room and out the other side. You'll be home free before anyone can recover from the shock!!
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