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Default Flight Delay: Risk or no risk!?!?

You can read more about it on this article:

Sometimes cruiselines have low airfare package deal, and I will jump at the deal, then I won't have to worry much on flying in early and book a hotel room. If I book an airfare package deal with the cruiseline, then the cruiseline guarantees I get on the ship regardless of the flight delay.

Since I am a budget minded and practical avid traveler, I try to find the best deals with less hassel. And, sometimes we save several bucks, but we end up putting in more time and effort.

I'd like to know what you travelers do to save money and where to search for deals on cruises, land transportation, and hotels??
End of October, I will fly to Spain for 10 days cruise with X, then I plan to stay 'til end of November. I will most likely fly to Greece for several days. I am considering doing hostile in order to save $$. any of you have more information on hostile ?? I am new at the hostile thing...
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