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Originally Posted by Tishbo96
Dress is Fantastic!!! Happy to see someone else will be dressing up for Formal Night. I will also be cruising on New Years Eve. Have you confirmed if New Years Eve is a formal night?
Are you on the Freedom also?! If you are it is for sure a formal night. The PVP told us that it would be a black tie affair and my BF and his dad would both need to get a tux. I am going to guess that it is going to be a big 'shin dig' out on the lido deck but not 100% sure.

Originally Posted by Tishbo96
Hope I'm doing this right...This is the dress I am planning on wearing. What do you think? I was contemplating having it altered to knee length. ???
NOOO!! Don't cut it, it so beautiful just the way it is The long lines will give you those curves we all die for. You are going to be a show stopper in that!
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