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Originally Posted by cruisematey1
We are scheduled to cruise Russia next week.
Thanks, cruisematey1. I hope you had a good trip. Please tell us about it when you get back.

Since my original post, we have signed up for a Grand Waterways of the Czars river cruise next July. We were recently "upgraded" from the Viking Kirov to the Viking Peterhof. As far as I can tell, the two ships have the same configuration, although the Peterhof is recently refurbished. Since the change affects our entire tour group, it's not like we have a choice.

I'm especially interested in hearing details about this or any other Viking river boat from those with recent experience. Are the lower category cabin beds simple cots? Are the toilets disfunctional? Does the food range from just mediocre to downright unsafe? It's sometimes hard to differentiate between biased accounts and objective reporting. Thanks!
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