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Originally Posted by BananaHands
The lowest paying job, at least in the kitchens, pays about 700 to 900 a month from what I have read. That didn't come from NCLA so it may be a little off. Once I can make it to my computer, I will post the link to where I saw that. Yes, you will get overtime.
Is this rate accurate for NCLA as well? I thought they would pay higher, as they have to comply with US labor law as they are us flagged. The other rates seem about average for foreign flagged ships as they dont have to pay mimimum wages.

HI mimimum wage is $7 something an hour... shouldn't I be receiving this on NCLA? Then throw in overtime for everything over 40 a week and shouldn't I be making $10.50 an hour or so?

Can anyone who worked with NCLA please explain how this works. Also, I heard you are union. Wouldn't this work in your benefit?
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