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Originally Posted by Tishbo96

Do you recall what deck you were on? I have two rooms booked in Decemeber on the Miracle, deck 5. They're at the very front of the ship. I want my sleep but these were the only side by side rooms avail. Should we reconsider? How loud was the "wake up" call?

Needing privacy AND a restful morning....
Tish, deck 5 (upper deck I think) should be O.K. Also, remember that they don't drop the anchor every day. It would only be in ports where they have to tender in, so that won't be a problem on most mornings. (It is quite loud however) You might get a little bit more motion, but I'd bet not enough to bother you. You might hear the waves hitting the bow when the ship is underway, but probably not loud, and many people say this is a soothing noise,,,,not offensive at all. Bottom line, I wouldn't worry at all about this cabin location.

Enjoy your cruise!

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