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Default Re: Caribbean Cruise Companion Needed

Originally Posted by CruiseMomma
Greetings To All,

I'm a 39 year old, african-american, single mom, looking for a female to share the cost of a cabin to the Caribbean. Im finally tired of all the work and no play that I do, so I decided to finally take a break. Also, this will be my first time cruising, so I'm looking forward to enjoying myself with someone fun, down-to-earth and compatible. I'm flexible with the ports of call and I can travel in late Sept 2007-2008. However, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve I would need to spend with my daughter. If you're interested, please leave a brief bio of yourself and your contact info. Thanks

I strongly recommend that you consider booking a Singles Cruise. There are several web sites that offer information regarding booking Singles Cruises.
1. - go to their Boards and click onto their Singles Board
2. - go to their Message Boards, click onto People, and then select Singles

From my personal experience the singles groups are evenly balanced with the same number of males and females. The ages vary a lot. About half are between 25 & 35 years old, with about 35 % between 35 & 50 years of age, with the remaining 15 % ranging from age 50 on up! Not everyone is always single. Some folks are just traveling solo and aren’t interested in romance or playing games.

By Definition….
A pleasure voyage on a ship, usually with stops at various ports with persons pertaining to the unmarried state or sometimes married folks traveling solo.

By Experience….
The singles vacation is a vacation of a lifetime! If you’re single and perhaps a first time or experienced cruiser, singles cruises are the ultimate way to vacation.

Singles cruises usually provide private singles activities and events hosted by professional group cruise directors on the worlds leading cruise lines and cruise ships. You’ll receive all the standard amenities’ available onboard the ship, PLUS entrance to all exclusive singles events. Singles guests are offered private meet and greet singles events, cocktail mixers, lectures, theme & costume parties, a separate dining area for their group and ongoing activities organized by dedicated cruise directors. They also feature pre-cruise activities including a private message board (you will be given access about 60 days prior to sailing) and invite all of their single guests to an optional pre-cruise dinner party, sometimes they also secure discounted group hotel rates for those choosing to arrive early at the embarkation city.

The entire ship is not just for singles, however only members of your Singles group will be invited to the special singles activities. They provide you with a detailed program of activities customized for the entire trip. The encourage you to participate in all the fun & games as this is the best way to fully experience what singles cruising is all about.

Bon Voyage
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