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Originally Posted by jlauntz
Both are a joke. Little time for either at sea. Who wants to stay on the ship in port? Limited schedule for both don't let these 2 items be the major reason for taking a particular cruise. destination and affordability should be paramount
Actually, they're not a joke if that's what you enjoy doing! It's true that there is little time for the ice skating, but the rock climbing wall is open most of the time, and many, many people love it! 8)
I rarely leave the ship when in port,,,,the ship is the holiday that I enjoy, rather than seeing ports again, that I've seen over, and over again. The ship is wonderful when everyone else is ashore. I can have any lounge chair I want, don't have to wait in line at the buffet, and can spend as much time relaxing and enjoying the hot tubs as I wish. To each his own.

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