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This brought back wonderful memories!! A lady I used to work with was surprised at work one day. Her husband and another guy had secretly planned a trip to Hawaii for their wives. They had daughters who helped the dads with the packing – the suitcases were in the attic and every day the wives went to work, the daughters would help the dads take things to the attic. When it came time for the trip, the husbands had rented a limo to pick up the wives at their work locations. The husbands had also secretly arranged the trips with the wives’ supervisors, so they were able to leave on the spur of the moment from work. Once the two couples were on their flights to Hawaii, the husbands gave them each a small bag. Inside the bag for each wife was $1,000.00 so they could purchase anything that might not have been packed for them. That’s the kind of guy I want!!!
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