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Default Re: Quick Question - Sport Coat - Formal Night


Originally Posted by BetterDays
Should the sport coat be paired with a dark pair of pants or would it be acceptable with something lighter?

2 weeks from now, we should be in Miami.

Your advice and experience is appreciated.
Argh! You did not say with which line you are cruising, so I'm really not sure which answer to give you. A little "truth in advertising" on the part of the cruise lines would really, really help.

>> Factually, a sport coat is not proper attire for a "formal" evening. The "premium" cruise lines (Princess, Celebrity, and Holland America) expect what's commonly called a "modified formal" standard of dress, which admits a dark -- and I do mean DARK -- business suit in lieu of a "tuxedo" or dinner jacket. If you are on one of those lines, it would be better to spend the $90 or so to rent formalwear for the week than to show up in a sport coat.

>> Unfortunately, some of the "mainstream" cruise lines "suggest" a standard of dress that really does not match the normal definition of "formal" in standard social etiquette. If you are on one of these lines, you can wear whatever color of slacks you wish with your sport coat because the evening is not really "formal" in the first place.

Have a great cruise!

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