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AR, my good friend, where in the previous posts before yours, did someone bring up the country of Iraq? The posting was about this country and the aftereffects of September 11, 2001.

I'll say this about Iraq. I didn't agree with the invasion that the US did there and I always knew it was about something else. Humor me here for a moment... Recall if you will, Saddam Hussein was intimately responsible for the attempted ASSASINATION of United States President George H. W. Bush. In my feeble thoughts, that, alone, is reason enough to go after him and make him pay for that. I know our country has "allegedly" financed assasinations on other foreign leaders. Surely, you didn't turn a blind eye to the attempt on Bush 41? I believe that was Bush 43's ultimate reson to attack Hussein. Bush 43 got Hussein out of power and Iraq made the move to try him and kill him, not the USA!

I want us out of there now but, when the country can be assured of not being a safe haven for those who wish to cause harm to our REPUBLIC!

I'm not going to turn this into a personal posting and I am surprised that you did. You are better than that.

My thoughts were, again, about those who witnessed the terror of the day, witness and experience the terror of today, and about my disgust with those who think the USA "deserved" what happened on September 11, 2001 and deserve all that happens afterwards. Being in government, I KNOW that when authority is removed from an area of crime, the criminals converge upon that area and exploit its "safety". That is what will happen if the areas of terror are left unsecured and the criminals will follow us here to home again.

Secure the borders, expell those who are here illegally they are easy to find if you open your eyes to look, open your own eyes to the damage done to this great country and her CITIZENS, get tougher on our enemies to show we mean business about our own security, become the superpower that we used to be once again. Look at Russia, they are flexing their own muscles now.

Get off of the Iraq crap and focus on the USA.


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