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AR wrote:

rescuedad says he stands behind our government good or bad. I do not. I stand behind our country good or bad, but not necessarily the government. They are very different things. The country is We the People. The founders said so. You can look it up, if there are any unshredded copies of the Constitution left. The government, as Mark Twain said, is "our servant. . .and a temporary one." To say that if you don't support the government you're somehow un-American is the ultimate false choice. Any government that we're willing to stand behind whether it's good or bad is not a government of a free land.
AR I am always impressed with the intelligence of your posts but I believe, in your response, we are interpreting the same thing differently. We, as a people, vote for the leaders of our government. We set up what is supposed to be a fair voting system. The people voted in our current heads of government. Good or bad, the people, in times of crisis, should stand behind that elected government so as to present a united front! Don't you think our enemies are joyous over the division of our country they see on the news? It doesn't help when half our country agrees with the enemy! Say it with votes in the next election. If he is right or wrong I always stand behind and defend my brother. Then when we are both cleaning off the blood I would let him know what I think. In regards to Iraq I can't see how any ordinary citizen can say whether this was justified or not. Unless you have all the intelligence that the administration receives how could you possibly come to a decision? We get our information from right and left wing media, we get what is leaked from heads of government through this biased media. How can you determine what is true or untrue? who does or doesn't have a hidden agenda? As far as WMD possesed by Iraq we can only guess the administration acted on the best information they had. It is sad to think of the soldier who knows that half the country doesn't stand behind his efforts. How hard is he going to fight? Half the country doesn't believe what he is fighting for is worth getting killed over. How does that soldier fight with all his heart? I'll tell you how. He stands by the decision of his leaders as we all should be, good or bad. Someone said in another post about instant gratification. Well I am sure, the day after 9/11 the whole country would have cheered a complete obliteration of every country who is considered an enemy. We were angry and wanted revenge on anyone who is against the American way. Well, over the past 6 years everyone has gone back to their normal lives, they forget that initial thought and want to gripe about what is happening and help divide the country. Everd day of the year their should be signs posted with a picture of the towers crumbling with the caption
"remember this? That's why" in regards to us being at war. Having said all this I still enjoy your posts.
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