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I totally agree with you Fred. I book usually a minimum of a year in advance. Have booked as close to 2 years in advance! You get the advantage of getting the room you want - they will adjust your price if the price drops within the time before final payment, etc. We leave tomorrow on the Fantasy and I booked a little over a year ago - a suite gty. There are 4 of us and our price avg out to 558.06 (without insurance) per person. We were bumped up to a penthouse! Of course - we are going in September - which is the cheaper month and just missing the hurricanes if I might add! If you have the downpayment - book now. :-) I also have a cruise booked in January and booked that a while ago too. The price has since increased by 50.00 per person. We were, however, locked in at the cheaper price.

Definitely get an outside cabin. He won't feel so stuffy as you can open the door any time! And..get your passport NOW. YOu can go online prior to your cruise and book your excursions. Excursions range from approx 40 dollars to 200 dollars however you don't have to do anything you don't want to do! Let us know what you decide!!
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