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Originally Posted by kitkat07
On the Jeans issue! I talked to Westerdam and they tell me that NO Jeans are allowed in the formal dining room at any time! Has to be slacks and buttoned collared shirts for men and nice slacks or skirts for ladies.
I just talked to them as we are going in Nov 07 and have several young people with us and they wear jeans.
So dont know what they would do if you show up in jeans in formal dining room.
You pose a good point and question. HAL's primary problem in the Dress Code department is their inconsistency in its enforcement. Sometimes the code is strictly enforced, sometimes it is ignored, and sometimes the staff don't even know what the Code currently states.

My advice would be: abide by the code. If there is any reason to suspect that a grey area in the code could go against you, don't dress into the "grey zone." Relative to Jeans, they are NOT prohibited by the code anymore, but some staff may not realize this fact. It may just be easier for you to encourage everyone to dress "Smart Casual" ... which, frankly, doesn't include jeans. Yes, jeans are permitted on "Smart Casual Night," but they are NOT within the nominally accepted definition of "Smart Casual" attire. So, stress the fun of "dressing up" to the "Smart Casual" standard, NOT the "minimum" of what the line "allows." If they do this, there won't be any worries about what will happen if the Staff stops you from entering due to your state of dress.

On the flip side, the simple fact is that I've never seen anyone turned away on Casual nights for dressing in jeans.

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