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James Hubbard June 26th, 2003 05:54 PM

This is the picture of the ghost at Myan Ruins. 9-10-01

hkolln June 26th, 2003 06:30 PM

Re: ghost
WOW so cool!

I stayed at a b&b in St Augustine Fl a few years back that was said to be haunted (built in like 1792) and eerie!!! I swore I heard footsteps outside our room but I never saw anything. I believe in that stuff.

What Mayan Ruin was this taken at?

Jim Bragg June 26th, 2003 09:06 PM

Re: Re: ghost
We licve in St Augustine and there is a large collection of ghoats supposed around here. They have a number of "ghost tours" every evening. All they need to do is come to my house. We have had a ghost here since right after we moved in. See his shadows all the time and reflections going by us as well as sense his presence behind us a good bit. It's a new house so we figure it is the ground that is haunted.

hkolln June 26th, 2003 09:09 PM

Re: Re: Re: ghost
I'm in Jacksonville FL so we go to St Aug alot. Took the walking ghost tour twice already and want to go again! Really neat! Seems everything there has a story surrounding a haunting.

nushnakka June 27th, 2003 07:19 AM

Re: ghost
Oh Jim you have your own ghost! How creepy is that! Well next time I go to St Aug I will have to visit you. I love going there. We took the ghost tour in Charleston and it made my hair stand up several times. Love those places. I always feel like when I am somewhere that has alot of history that there are indeed some presences, and I felt that way when we were at the ruins. BTW I have my own ghost picture I will post as soon as I can. My son took them today to show a friend who gets into all "that stuff".

Seahunks June 27th, 2003 09:06 AM

Re: ghost
The St Augustine Lighthouse is supposed to be VERY haunted by at least 12 ghosts.
The most commonly seen are a keeper, who fell from the widow's walk of the light tower while painting it, and the 12 year old daughter of another keeper who drowned.

Every Halloween, History, Travel, or A&E channels have a special about haunted lighthouses. I visited St Auggie a few years ago after watching that special. I was alone in the most haunted room of the keeper's residence for a few minutes. If I had remembered that it was haunted I may heave been too spooked to go into that room.

Another haunted lighthouse is in St Simons, Georgia. It's supposed to be haunted by a keeper and assistant keeper who got into an internecine duel over the keeper's wife.

Intellectually I don't really believe in ghosts. But I also know that I can be psychologically prone to feel creepy about such tales. And I don't like having my pronability tested. There's no telling what I might imagine or dream. You should have seen me after I attended the premier of "Amityville Horror." I don't think I slept soundly for 3 or 4 days. It's kind of funny, really.

Did you know that Stephen King still checks under his bed every night for the Boogie man? Very interesting.

Steve Until Enchantment. Until Inspiration
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