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dhornick January 1st, 2007 08:38 PM

Ship Size, Sea Sick, and Cruise Length Questions
We are trying to decide on a cruise. Having never before cruised we are looking at the 7 day eastern Caribbean cruise or the 5 day western Caribbean cruise. Both by Carnival. I prefer the 7 day choice but wife is thinking the 5 day might be better for a starter. She’s really worried that herself and the kids (teenagers) will get sea sick. So, my question is this. Do the smaller older ships have stabilizers and is there more of a chance in getting sea sick on a smaller ship such as the Imagination as compared to a larger ship such as the Glory?

Tink January 1st, 2007 09:16 PM

First a question: do any of you get motion sickness? I get car sick when in backseat and my husband can't go on spinning carnival rides but we both do fine on cruises. I take motion sickness pills daily just in case we get a rocky ride one day. Both ships have stabalizers but don't know if newer is better. I do know if concerned, reserve a cabin on a lower floor and near the center of the ship. I have been on 2 older ships and have to say I prefer the newer ones. They are just in better condition and have more to offer,in my opinion. Go for the 7 day cruise (besides, the doctors on board can give you something for motion sickness if the pills don't help). :D

ClevelandRocks January 2nd, 2007 08:24 AM

Ditto Tink, take your sea-sick meds daily as a precaution and look for a cabin on a lower deck mid-ship for your first cruise anyway (I'd suggest oceanview cabin). We've been on two Fantasy class cruises and the Glory twice. Both times the Glory was the rougher ride so I don't think you'll gain any ride advantage with the larger ship. The rule of thumb is, newer and larger ships operate on the longer routes (7-plus) day. Older ones get the 3-5 day itineraries. We cruise in the winter and we've decided we like the weather better on the western route and the itinerary better on the eastern. That's just our opinion. I think you'll be blown away whichever you decide.

paddletoe53 January 2nd, 2007 10:53 PM

i have been on three cruise myself and all have been 7 days i have enjoyed all three of them and never been sea sick my mother in law says bodine is best for sea sick i trust what see says she was a nurse

turkeyman January 4th, 2007 04:40 AM

Motion sickness was a concern for my wife on our first cruise. In fact, it was the chief deterrent for us waiting so long to take our first cruise. She went to her DR. and he prescribed some "patches" that worked very well. After two 7 day cruises, we had the opportunity to take a 3 day cruise to nowhere on the Holiday, the smallest of Carnivals' fleet. Due to the short notice of the cruise, she had no time to get a new prescription for the patches and went without any seasickness medication. It was then that she found out she really didn't need any meds. No problems at all. Now, she take nothing for the motion when we cruise.

Point being. She was afraid she would get seasick, but really didn't know. It's always best to be prepared though. The cabin stewards and the medical department have the over the counter varietiy of meds available, but we've never had the need. Go prepared, but not scared. The first cruise is the "ice breaker," and chances are, we'll see you on this board, in the future, giving good advice as a seasoned cruiser.

Go, and have a ball, (and don't worry), and let us know how it went.


LisaK January 4th, 2007 11:14 AM

Western Route is our favorite route - lots to do, see and explore
to keep everyone happy.
Eastern Route is great if all you want to do is veg out on the beach, do some snorkeling, scuba diving and shopping.
More to do on the larger, newer ships, more "bells and whistles"
If you are prone to severe motion sickness at home when you ride in a car, train, bus or fly then get to your doctor for a prescription for the patch. If you only get mild to moderate motion sickness then get some Bonnine. If you only get the mild queezies then go for the ginger remedy-ginger pills, ginger candy, ginger cookies or real gingerale.
Midships cabins on middle decks are the most stable.
All ships have very good stabalizers

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